Camp Redhawk

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Cancellation Policy:
1. University Cancellation:
In the event that the University would cancel a participant's chosen session, participants registered for that session will not be charged for that camp. However, if a participant from the cancelled session were to reschedule into another session, they would still owe the regular camp cost.

2.Participant Cancellation:
a. Four Weeks Plus Prior To Camp: In the event that a participant needs to cancel their registration, no cost is incurred for camp if you cancel more than four weeks prior to the start date of the cancelled session.
b. Less Than Four Weeks Prior: In the event that a participant needs to cancel their session within four weeks of the session, the $180.00 camp cost is refunded, but the participant will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee.

CampRedhawk Registration Fee:
The fee for CampRedhawk is $180.00. Payment can be made below after submitting this form or later via secured link (included in confirmation email.)

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