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International Baccalaureate Organisations (IB): IB is international in scope with over 700 member schools currently in the program. Credit is awarded for scores of 4 or higher except where noted in Higher Level (HL) courses. No credit is awarded for standard level courses.

If you are eligible for IB credit please have your transcript sent to Southeast and contact Testing Services at 573.651.2836 or email testingservices@semo.edu.

Academic Year being searched: 2016-17
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CourseIB Course NameCredit Hours
AN 101Social & Cultural Anthroplogy (HL)3
AR 112Visual Arts3
BS 108Biology (HL)3
CH 180 or CH 185Chemistry (HL)3-5
Notes:Credit awarded based on score; contact Testing Services for criteria.
CS 120Computer Science (HL)3
EC 101Economics (HL)3
FR 100/120French, Language B (HL)3
FR 200/220French, Language A2 (HL)3
GG 180Geography (HL)3
GK 101Greek, Class Language3
LI 256English, Language A1 (HL)3
LT 198Latin Classical Language (HL)3
MA 135Mathematics (HL)5
MM 101/105Music (HL)4
PH 120Physics (HL)5
SN 100/120Spanish, Language B (HL)3-6*
Notes:Credit awarded based on score: contact Testing Serivce for criteria.
SN 200/220Spanish, Language A2 (HL)3-6*
Notes: Credit awarded base on score; contact Testing Services for criteria.
TH 100Theatre Arts (HL)3
WH 100History of Africa (HL)3
WH 125Islamic History (HL)3
WH 130History of Americas3