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Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES): Originally set up to help armed service personnel obtain credit for knowledge and skills acquired through non-traditional experiences, it is now available to all U.S. universities. Courses which DANTES credit is accepted are listed below.

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Academic Year being searched: 2016-17
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CourseDANTES Test TitleCredit Hours
BS 105Environment & Humanity3
CJ 100Criminal Justice3
CJ 110Introduction to Law Enforcement3
EC 335Money and Baking3
FI 260Personal Finance3
FI 361Principles of Finance3
GG 180Human/Cultural Geography3
GO 110Physical Geology3
HL 120Here's to Your Health3
PH 106Principles of Physical Science I3
PH 109Astronomy3
QM257Business Statistics
SC 200Principles of Public Speaking3
SO/SW242Principles of Statistics3
US 225History of the Vietnam War3
US 354Civil War and Reconstructions3