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Student Organization Registration Form
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Organization Name:Math Club
Type of Registration:Renewal
Organization Classification:Academic/Professional
Website Information (if applicable):
Purpose of Organization:
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a forum where students and faculty may gather and share ideas in the field of mathematics.
Election Information:
Elections are held at the last meeting of the year in April and offices are held until the following April.
Meeting Information:
Every two Wednesdays, we hold a meeting at noon at Johnson Hall.
Interested members should come to the meetings and/or email the President. For more information on meeting times and locations, see the Math Department office in Johnson Hall.
Chief Executive Officer
Official Title of this Officer:President
Name:Ben Kingen
Executive Officer #2
Official Title of this Officer:Vice President
Name:Sarah Wiegand
Executive Officer #3
Official Title (if Officer):Secretary
Name:Kevin Wunderlich
Executive Officer #4 or General Member
Official Title (if Officer):Treasurer
Name:Ashley Buford
Executive Officer #5 or General Member
Official Title (if Officer):Member
Name:Jayson Smith
Campus Advisor
Name:Dr. Andrew Schwartz