Accounts Payable - Trip Optimizer
Rental Car versus Mileage Reimbursement Comparison
The trip optimizer assists University employees in determining the most cost effective travel option between rental car or mileage reimbursement. The trip optimizer comparison form must be attached to the related expense report when submitted to Accounts Payable. The University will pay the lower cost amount regardless of the travel option selected.
* IF you are traveling less than 100 miles total, you are NOT required to complete this form.
** IF you are driving 800 or more miles the Cost Comparison: Drive vs. Fly form must be completed.

Does this trip include any other mode of transportation other than a rental car or personal vehicle?
Total Miles Driven (required): Find your mileage and driving directions @ MapQuest
Total Number of Days Traveling (required):
Mileage Reimbursement Rate (required):
Will the rental car be traveling out-of-state (Missouri, Illinois, Kansas are considered in state) at any time during your travel?
Yes (The rental car will be travelling out of state)

Personal Vehicle
(Mileage Reimbursement Rate X Total Miles Driven) + Parking @ Airport
  X   +   =  
Rental Car  
Rental Cost
+ Additional Mileage
+ Fuel Cost
Calculated with the Midwest average
fuel cost (updated monthly) and 22 mpg

  +   +   =  

Lowest Cost Travel Option:  
Lowest Cost Deduction:  

Note to Individuals: All relevant factors such as the urgency; nature of travel required; type of vehicle required for the number of passengers, tool or equipment load; employee time and effort; official domicle; proximity to rental or state vehicles; and other administrative costs should be considered when selecting the most cost effective option. If for any reason you will not be utilizing the travel mode with the lowest cost, please state your reason(s) here:
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Supervisor Signature: ____________________________________________________________
* Supervisor Approval is only required if you will not be utilizing the Lowest Cost Total Option and actual expenses are to be fully reimbursed.

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Rental Cars
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is currently under State Contract with the State of Missouri. Please make reservations with the local Enterprise office at 2008 N Kingshighway
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