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Acoustical Tile, Insulation, Materials, and Supplies
Advertising Services
Agricultural Implements, Accessories, and Parts
Air Compressors and Accessories
Air Conditioning Equipment and Accessories
Animals and Livestock
Artist Equipment and Supplies
Audio/Visual Equipment and Accessories
Automobile and Truck Accessories
Automobile and Truck Maintenance Items and Replacement Parts
Automobile Shop Equipment and Supplies
Bags, Bagging, and Ties
Barrels, Drums, and Pail Type Containers
Belts and Belting (Conveyor, Elevator, Power Transmission)
Blood Grouping - Blood Testing Reagents
Bookbinding and Bindery Supplies
Bricks and Other Clay Products, Ceramic Tile, and Stone Products
Builder Supplies
Building Services
Cafeteria and Kitchen Equipment
Card Access System, Supplies, Maintenance, and Repair
Charter Bus Services
Children's Toys/Equipment/Supplies
Cleaning/Janitorial Services
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, and Repair
Clothing and Apparel
Commercial Chemicals
Computer & Specialized Software
Computers and other Data Processing Systems and Accessories
Concrete Products and Supplies
Construction/Architect Services
Consulting Services for Higher Education
Controlling, Indicating, and Recording Instruments and Supplies
Coolers (all types)
Copiers and other office machines
Cutlery, Dishes, Flatware, Glassware, Trays, Utensils, and Supplies
Data Processing Cards, Paper, and Posting Fluids
Data Processing Services
Dental Equipment and Supplies
Document Imaging and Destruction
Draperies, Curtains, and Upholstery
Drugs, Pharmaceutical and Biological-Human Use
Electric Cables and Wires
Electrical Equipment and Supplies
Electronic Components and Supplies
Elevators (Building Type)
Embossing and Engraving
Energy Collecting Equipment and Accessories (Solar and Wind)
Engineering Equipment, Surveying Equipment, Drafting Instruments, and Supplies
Envelopes, Plain or Printed
Equipment for the visually/hearing impaired
Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services
Equipment Rental Services
Executive Search/Recruitment Services
Fabricated Buildings and Shelters
Fasteners, Fastening Devices, Package Stitching, Strapping, Tying Equipment, and Supplies
Feed and Bedding (Animal or Fowl)
Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners
Financial Services
Fire Protection Supplies and Alarm Systems
First Aid and Safety Equipment
Fitness Equipment
Flags, Flag Poles, Banners, and Accessories
Floor Covering, Ceiling Tile, and Wall Covering
Floor Maintenance Machines and Parts
Forensic Supplies
Forms (Continuous and Snap-Out)
Fuel, Oil, and Grease
Furniture (Non-Office)
Gases for Hospitals, Laboratories, and Welding use
Glass and Glazing Supplies
Hand Tools
Hardware and related items
Heating Units, Ventilating Equipment, and Accessories
Hoses (all kinds)
Hospital Supplies
Household Appliances and Equipment
Identification Badges, Pins, and Tags
Insurance Services
Intercom and Sound Equipment, Electronic Components, and Parts
Janitorial Supplies
Laboratory Equipment and Accessories
Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, and Chemicals
Laboratory Supplies for Biology, Botany, Geology, Microbiology, and Zoology
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment and Supplies (Commercial)
Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies
Lawn Equipment
Library Supplies
Luggage and Briefcases
Lumber and related items
Machinery and Heavy Hardware
Mailing Equipment
Major Transportation Equipment
Material Handling Equipment and related items
Metals (Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Structural Shapes, Tubing, and Fabricated Items)
Microfilm/Microfiche Equipment and Supplies
Microscope and Accessories
Moving Services
Musical Instruments and Supplies
Nails, Rope, and Wire Products
Nursery, Greenhouse, and Floral Supplies
Office Furniture
Office Supplies
Paging, Telephone Equipment, and Accessories
Paint, Protective Coatings, Varnish, and related products
Painting Equipment and Accessories
Paper (For Office and Print Shop Use Only)
Paper and Plastic Products, Disposable
Park, Playground, and Swimming Pool Equipment
Personnel Services (Temporary)/Staffing
Pest Control Items and Supplies
Photographic Equipment and Supplies
Photography Services
Plastic and Forming, Laminating, and Molding Equipment
Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures, and Supplies
Poisons (Agricultural and Industrial)
Police Equipment and Supplies
Printing Equipment
Printing Services
Printing Supplies
Promotional Items/Screenprinting/Specialty Items for Advertising
Publications (prepared materials only)
Pumps (all kinds) and Accessories
Radios - Portable, Mobile, Console
Rags, Shop Towels, and Wiping Cloths
Recycling Services
Refrigeration Equipment and Accessories
Road and Highway Building Materials and Equipment
Roadside and Park Area Services
Roofing Materials (Except Wood)
Scales and Weighing Apparatus
School Equipment and Supplies
Security Services
Seed, Sod, and Soil
Services and Commodities not otherwise listed
Shoes and Boots
Snow Removal Equipment
Specialized Laboratory Equipment
Sporting and Athletic Goods
Spraying Equipment
Steam and Hot Water Accessories and Supplies
Steam Boilers, Steam Heating, and Power Plant Equipment
Stencils and other marking devices
Stockman Supplies
Tanks (all types)
Tarpaulins and Tents
Temporary Labor Services
Testing and Training Apparatus, Instruments, and Machines (Not for Electrical and Electronic Measurements)
Textiles, Piece Goods, and Household Linens
Theatrical Equipment and Supplies
Therapy Equipment and Supplies
Traffic Control Devices (incudes markers, signs, and barriers)
Trash Services
Travel Services
Veterinary Equipment, Supplies, and Services
Video Camera and accessories
Visual Education Equipment and Supplies
Waste Management/Hazardous Waste Disposal
Water Supply (not Boiler or Air Conditioning) and Sewage and Waste Treatment Equipment
Water Treatment Chemicals
Welding Equipment, Supplies, and Services
Window Coverings (inside and out)
X-Ray Equipment and Supplies (Medical)
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