Using the Campus Telephone and E-mail Directory


  1. Before clicking on the Search button, you must make an entry in at least one of the first five search fields (Last Name, First Name, Department, E-mail, or Phone).
  2. Searches are case insensitive.
  3. No more than ten entries will be returned as the result of a search. If your search results in more than ten matches and the person you are looking for doesn't appear on the screen, you will need to refine your search by entering more details in the search field. You can also limit your search by using the Search group and/or Class fields described below.

Wildcard Character

An asterisk (*) may be used as a wildcard character in any of the first three fields (Last Name, First Name, Department, or E-mail). The wildcard character is used to search for any directory entries that start with a group of characters. If you don't use a wildcard character, an exact match is required. For example, if you enter "smith" in the Last Name field and "john" in the First Name field, only entries for individuals named John Smith would be selected. If you enter "smith" and "j*", entries for Jackie, James, Jerry, or Joan Smith would be selected.

Search Fields

Last Name Field

If more that one word is entered, it is assumed to be a last name containing an embedded blank.
Examples: smith, la smith, smi*

Department Field

If you are searching for a faculty or staff member and know their department, you may enter it here.
Examples: art, computer science, comp*

E-mail Field

If you have an e-mail address and want to find out who it belongs to, just enter it here.
Examples:, jsmith*

Phone Field

To locate the owner of a phone number, enter it here. You may enter the extension number, the exchange and the extension number, or the area code, exchange, and extension number. Do not enter any punctuation marks.
Examples: 1234, 6511234, 5736511234

Search Group

To restrict your search to either faculty and staff or students, click on the arrow and select the group to be searched.

Why might someone not appear in the directory?

  1. A student must be enrolled for the current semester to be included.
  2. Any student requesting their name not be included in the printed campus telephone directory will not be included.
  3. The student or employee id number recorded with the e-mail account information is wrong.

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