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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., March 28, 2003 - The NASA Educator Resource Center at Southeast Missouri State University will hold a celebration of spring April 7-11 at its 222 N. Pacific office.

"We are welcoming spring with a five-day '3-2-1 Blast Off Into Spring' celebration at our NASA Center. We invite the public to join us as we show off our exciting posters, astronaut photos, amazing images from space, and a myriad of other things, which are free to the public," said Jackie Wortmann, coordinator of the Center.

The NASA ERC is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) is a facility where NASA educational materials and programs, including posters, pictures and videos are available to the public. The Center also offers a variety of instructional and interactive teacher and student programs and activities, both at the ERC itself and on-site in schools.

The NASA ERC operates under the auspices of the Linda M. Godwin Center for Science and Mathematics Education at 222 N. Pacific. Also located on the premises is the University's Math Resource Center. The ERC is designed to serve K-12 teachers throughout Missouri who may access educational resources and teacher training workshops. Materials available at the ERC help K-12 educators enhance their classrooms so their students will become excited about science, math, social studies and technology using NASA's unique educational products.

"While the primary users of the ERC are K-12 educators in public, private, parochial and home schools, it is important for people to know that our ERC is open to everyone, including students at all levels, and the general public," said Dr. Ernest Kern, director of the Godwin Center for Science and Mathematics Education and the NASA Educator Resource Center. "Many of our visitors are noneducators who are people simply curious about planet Earth, about the universe and the worlds within it."

ERC users may access items such as videotapes, CDs, computer software, NASA educational publications, 8 X 10 photos, postcards, bookmarks, posters, slides, curriculum supplemental materials, reference books, lesson plans and activities, and lists of publications from government and nongovernment sources.

If you are interested in a group tour, please call (573) 290-5255.

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