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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 14, 2003 - - The coalition of America's Colleges and Universities recognizes that many American families stress about the cost of college, and the process of finding ways to pay for a college degree. A national education campaign entitled "College is Possible" is being launched at Southeast State Missouri University to address these concerns.

"This campaign sends a powerful, nationwide message on college access, choice, and affordability," says Southeast Missouri State University's Admissions Director Debbie Below.

Southeast Missouri State University has adopted the College is Possible campaign to open up education and college opportunities to families across the United States.

"With this exciting opportunity, people will not miss out on the option for a college education because they will have the adequate information about the range of options and sources for help," said Below.

The best part of the campaign is its free resources. Over the past 18 months, nearly one million Americans have used the information to learn more about the important process of planning, choosing and paying for college. This campaign provides invaluable college admission and financial aid information through its Web site (, and toll-free phone number (1-800-433-3243).

The College is Possible Campaign is rooted in the philosophy that with the right planning and preparation, most students can go to college, and just about anyone can afford it. The majority of students attending colleges and universities receive financial aid. Last year, American college students received $60 billion in grants, scholarships and low-interest loans. Every year, more than seven million college students receive financial aid. Students don't need to be of straight-A caliber or a star athlete to qualify. College is Possible offers so many free resources and databases to make college possible for everyone. These include "The Student Guide" (, "Top 10 Financial Aid Questions" (703-836-2222), "MOSTARS" (, and "FastWeb" (a href=""> There are many more resources available. For more information, visit and

"College education is a solid investment," Below said. "With a college education students are capable of attaining a high monthly income and living a comfortable lifestyle.

"The time and money spent on getting a college degree pays for itself," she added.

"You get out of it what you put into it. College is a dream for so many people today and Southeast Missouri State University wants you to be part of that dream," Below said. "We encourage students to go out and research and make college possible."

For more information, please contact Southeast Missouri State's Office of Admission's office at (573) 651-2590.


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