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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Sept. 13, 2002 -- Beef Field Day, which will include discussions on the U.S. Premium Beef Program, the Show-Me-Select Heifer Program, grazing days, cowherd time insemination and the future of branded beef marketing programs, is being planned for Oct. 5 at the Southeast Missouri State University Demonstration Farm.

The Field Day will begin at 9:30 a.m. on the farm, located along Cape County Highway 618.

Dr. Bill Ellis, Southeast professor of agriculture, said the Field Day program will include a discussion on the U.S. Premium Beef Program for harvest weight cattle. Gerry Shinn of Performance Blenders will share details of the program, data from the first two years of marketing and how beef producers can participate. These data indicate an average of $60 per head premium on a load of finished cattle, Ellis said.

Dr. D.J. Patterson of the University of Missouri-Columbia will discuss time insemination of a cowherd using a modification of the 7-11 estrus synchronization protocol. This protocol was used in the fall of 2001 at Southeast, Ellis said. Eighty-six percent of the 98 cows in the study will calve in the first 21 days of the 2002 fall calving season at Southeast. These cows and calves will be on display for the Field Day. Patterson also will discuss other time breeding trials.

Show-Me-Select Heifer program data will be shared by Roger Eakins, area livestock specialist with the University of Missouri-Columbia. Eakins will discuss data from the Show-Me-Select sales and the breeding data from the enrolled herds. Survey data on past calving history also will be discussed. Ellis said economics of heifer development is a big part of any cow calf enterprise. Cost analysis of the heifer development program will be presented.

Dr. K.C. Olson, beef nutrition and management specialist with the Commercial Agriculture Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia, will discuss the future of branded beef marketing programs. Ellis said Olson will use data from harvest cattle fed at Southeast as well as other research to explain the importance of branded beef to the future of the cow-calf enterprise. He also will discuss nutrition of finishing cattle.

Ellis said he will share results of applied studies conducted at the Southeast Demonstration Farm. He said he plan to discuss grazing days comparisons between the cool and warm season grass varieties at the Demo Farm. The farm has three types of warm season grass varieties. The cool season population is fescue with various legume combinations. Additionally, he will share the initial details of a beef feeding economic study in progress. Ellis said he and Eakins have strived to use the current research finding that the beef calf possibly deposits marbling between 650 and 800 pounds of weight as compared to the previous thinking that the marbling was deposited at the end of the feeding period. They will share the management of these calves.

The study includes 44 head of steers that will be on display for the Field Day. These calves were weaned using the plastic nose device. Ellis will share his experience with this new technology. Heifer development cost also will be presented.

For directions to the Field Day, call the Department of Agriculture at Southeast Missouri State University at (573) 651-2106. The entire Demonstration Farm and their cattle will be on display for the Field Day.


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